White Water Rafting at Bear Trap Canyon

Spring is the best time to raft Bear Trap Canyon in Southwest Montana.  


Fly fishing just 35 minutes from Bozeman Airport. 

One of the best fly fishing destinations in the nation, explore Madison River.  Explore the open land, canyons, rivers and more.

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Discover Bear Trap Canyon in Southwest Montana

Unique to the area, enjoy the pristine land know for fly fishing, hiking and more.

Explore and Hike Bear Trap Canyon

Length: 7 miles (round-trip to Bear Trap Creek) to 15 miles (round-trip to the dam)

Time of Hike: 3 to 7 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Activities: Hiking, trail running, fishing

Crowds: Moderate to heavy traffic

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Best Stargazing in the West

Enjoy unlimited sky access with no light polution

Stargazing is a wonderful way to relax and explore our place in the universe. Finding new stars or tracing constellations can add an element of fun to the experience. There's a whole new world waiting to be explored at night. Make it a group activity and take your family or friends with you. 

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Montana State Research @ Red Bluff 

Meet Our Neighbors

Red Bluff Research Ranch boosts about 170 head of cattle and 900 head of sheep are maintained year round at the research ranch. This livestock, as well as the rangeland, are used for both teaching and research.

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